Sunday, June 8, 2008

Happy Sunday everyone

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. It's a little on the HOT side here. Highs the last few days in upper 90's with heat index over 100. Today's estimated high is 102 with heat index around 105. I was out a little earlier, but am now inside and plan to stay inside the rest of the day. Stitching update....

I have pictures of the Fair & Square 4th of July squares I sent to Sue W, but she hasn't posted that she has seen them yet, so I can't share those pictures.

I can share the pictures of what Sue W sent me. Here are the Fair & Square 4th of July squares Sue W stitched for me:

I love the design. I had never seen this design and think it is absolutely the cutest 4th of July design. And here are all the goodies she included:

Stitching the 4th of July squares for Sue kicked off my "patriotic" stitching a little earlier than usual, and I found myself in the mood to stitch something else Patriotic, something quick. I picked up Sekas and Co's "Patriotic Heart" last weekend, started it this past Tuesday. Finished the stitching yesterday and attached the button today.

It is stitched on 10ct Tilla. Instead of the button that was listed, I substituted a Flag Heart button. A couple of the sections were stitched over 1, but the rest were stitched over 2, so it was really quick to stitch.

I'm going to get comfy on my sofa and get back to stitching.