Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hi honey..... I'm home

Wow, what a trip. I will admit that a 2+ week trip is a long trip and by the last couple of days, I was getting to the point where I was looking forward to heading home. I was still having a great time, but starting to look forward to being home. My flight from London landed a little before 3pm yesterday, I was home around 5pm. Not too long into the evening, I felt like I was melting into my sofa, so around 8:30 I dragged all the luggage upstairs, open the bag which contained my 'toiletry' bag to get my toothbrush and was getting into bed at 8:52pm. I think I was asleep by 8:53pm. Was wide awake at 5am this morning, and back to work I went.

Scotland was the last few days of the trip, and was by far, the most favorite place I visited. Edinburgh is a beautiful city and looking up the hill at Edinburgh Castle is breathtaking. We also did a 12 hour bus tour this past Friday that took us into the Highlands and down past the lochs (including Loch Ness where we could 'look for Nessie'). Scotland is a beautiful country and I could easily see going on a return trip to Scotland to see more. Brugge Belgium, where I visited the first few days of the trip, was also a beautiful city to visit and was my second favorite place I visited on the trip.

Since I was up early this morning, I took the time to unpack the luggage. There are currently 3 'piles' on my bed:

1) The pile of stuff I bought. This includes much more stitching stash than I would have thought I would have been buying. We visited 2 designers (at their home) while in England, and another designer visited us on our "stitching day" at the hotel, where we also received our stitching project from Susan that she designed for the trip. We also visited the Royal School of Needlework in London, and yes, they also had a gift shop with stitching kits and books. More details on the designers we visited on my future posts which will include photos. The pile of stuff I bought also includes the other souvenirs I bought (frig magnets, post cards, etc).

2) The pile of dirty laundry.

3) Small pile of other things that didn't fall into the above 2 categories (few items of clothes/socks that didn't get worn, hair clips, ziplock bag of Splenda, charging adapters, etc).

No photos to share today. I'm working on the photos. First to move them from camera memory card to my Macbook, then I'll get ALL of them uploaded and categorized on my webshots page. I'll be working on that tonight. And the reason I have everything I bought in that one big pile on the bed was to have everything together, not scattered in different rooms, since I'll need to spread it out and take a photo of all the new stitching stash to share with you, and can take another photo of the non-stitching stuff I brought home.

So, give me 24 hours or so to get the photos uploaded, and I'll start a series of blog posts with more detail and photos of the trip.

I hope everyone is having a great day.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

London part of trip wrapping up

Ok, quick update I hope. I've tried to add a post twice and keep getting an error when I try to 'publish' the post. Trip is still going great. Tomorrow we head to Edinburgh for the last part of the trip, I fly home Monday.

Hugs to you all. I have hords of photos to share once I get home.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hello from London!!!!!!!

Hi everyone. The trip has been great so far, lots of walking, so my feet and ankles are usually getting very tired toward the end of each day, but after a good night's sleep, I'm okay for the next day. Trip over was fine, no problems. After landing in London, we were off to the train station and the chunnel to Belgium. Brugge, Belguim was great. Then to Paris for 2 nights, which was also great. Today we came to London and the rest of the tour group arrived. I have lots of pictures and many more to take.

Ta for now. I'll try to post again in a few days. Hugs to all.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

A finish and upcoming vacation

Hi everyone. Here are photos of my completed needle roll project. Here's the outside of the needle roll:

And here is the inside of the needle roll:

And, no, I did not crochet the items on the inside. The project kit did include the small zipper pouch that is mounted inside. Sally Criswell (feel free to visit her at Cross Stitch & More) crocheted these. Sally is also part of the England trip I've mentioned. She has all kind of adorable crocheted items that hold various things. For my crocheted items, the one on the far left holds a small 6-inch wooden ruler, the one to the right of it holds a small pencil. The one to the far right holds a wooden needle holder. And I have a small pair of scissors in the zipper pouch.

My overseas trip starts this Friday, leaving Friday evening for an overnight flight to London. I am not taking a computer with me (personal nor work computer). However, a friend traveling with me is taking her computer with her as she will have to work a little while there. She has said I can use her computer if needed, so I will try to post a few times with a vacation update. I will be taking lots and lots of pictures. I'm not going to upload photos while there, since I will want my use of my friends computer to be brief. Once home, I'll upload all photos to my webshots page and will post updates for you.

I also upgraded my personal cell phone to a blackberry a couple of weeks ago, the world edition that is supposed to work while I'm overseas. If it does work, it will give me access to my personal email, even lets me write messages on my (or my friend's) Facebook Walls.

I hope everyone is having a great week. Happy Stitching. Hugs, Chris