Friday, February 14, 2014

From My Needle - End of 2013 and Start of 2014

First to share my stitching finishes from the end of 2013.  The first ones are small needlepoint kits I purchased at the Cross Stitch Pals Retreat at Myrtle Beach this past October. The kits are from Foxwood Crossings. She was one of the many wonderful designers attending the Pals Retreat at Myrtle Beach.

First one….
"Ribbon Wreath" by Foxwood Crossings
Completed on November 29, 2013

Second one….
"Ribbon Basket" by Foxwood Crossings
Completed on December 17, 2013

Third one was completed while I relaxing at my Dad's for the Christmas holiday.
"Christmas Crown" by Foxwood Crossings
Completed on December 24

The last of the four kits was finished in January.  I'll show it to you in a bit, but next in the list of finishes is my last finish for 2013, "Christmas Donkey". I stitched the donkey in a Stitch-A-Long (SAL). Not sure what was more fun, the actual stitching, or each of saying "DONKEY!!!!!" practically every time one of us posted an update on our stitching.
"Christmas Donkey" by Forgotten Farms
Stitched on Silkweavers 32ct lugana, color Creekstone
Completed on December 31, 2013

And next is the last of the 4 Foxwood Crossings needlepoint kits, and my first finish for 2014.
"Ribbon Tree" by Foxwood Crossings
Completed on January 1, 2014

Next up, the SAL group that did the DONKEY wanted to stitch something in honor of upcoming Valentine's Day. We chose Samper Pear VI, a freebie pattern from Sampler and Santa's - Pear page.
"Sampler Pear VI" by Sampler and Santas
Stitched on 28ct mushroom lugana
Completed on January 18, 2014

I love the freebie Pear patterns from this site. I plan to stitch some of the other pears, maybe eventually all of them. And I have a huge piece of the 28ct mushroom lugana, should be enough to stitch all of the pears on the same fabric.

And last but not least --- my latest finish from this past weekend.
"Yikes!" by Bent Creek
Stitched on 32ct platinum lugana
Completed on February 9, 2014

I had started stitching on one of the other freebie Pears. Will see if I finish it before my mood has me either starting something else new, or switching back to one of several UFO's from 2013.

Hope all have had a great Valentine's Day.

Happy Stitching to All,

Happy Valentine's Day, and a new year for blogging

Ok, once again, I have been a horrible blogger, being that I haven't updated my blog in a year. I decided today that it was time to start blogging again. And to also plan to comment on posts made by my blogging friends (I've been reading blogs from time to time, but not commenting -- yes, I know, I've been very bad).

So I've changed my background (hope you like it).  As I'm starting to type this post, I realized my last post was one year ago today, Valentine's Day 2013. No, I did not plan to start blogging again on Valentine's Day, but I do find it amusing that it has worked out that way.

More later. I plan to post pictures of completed stitching projects from the last couple of months, and I need to grab the photos. I will work on that post a little later tonight.

Talk to you soon,