Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Tuesday

I hope 2010 is starting off great for everyone. The weather here has been great the last few days. Not that the eastern half of NC gets dreadful winter weather (compared to those that live to the north), but we were having a spell of temperatures in the upper teens to lower 20's at night and barely getting above freezing during the day. Last few days have been upper 50's to low 60's, which has been much better.

As for stitching, I am just about finished with an ornament for Ruth. It's the last ornament I had left to finish in the Ho, Ho, Ho Ornament exchange. I thought it would have been finished, mailed and received by now, but no, taking a little longer, mainly because life has been busy last few weeks and I haven't had much time to stitch during the week. The backstitching should be done tonight and it will be stuffed, finished, and mailed in the next few days. Sorry I can't share a picture yet, I'll post a picture once it has been received. The only other thing I've stitched a little on is Lizzie Kate's "Believe" (from the Double-Flip series), at Monday night stitch-night a couple of Mondays. I had threads for the Christmas ornament spread out on the sofa cushion and didn't want to gather it all into a bag. The Lizzie Kate Double-Flips were handy, so off they went with me to stitch-night.

I am stitching them all on one piece of fabric (as in photo to left). "Believe" is the 7th design out of 12, so I'm officially over 1/2 way finished (ok, ok ... barely 1/2 way finished). I'm sad to say they were last touched a year ago (end of December 2008, first of Jan 2009). They do stitch rather quickly, so they are staying in the WIP pile, as I want to get the rest of them done. I've been attaching the charms as I finish each design. I'm going to have to detach one of the charms and sew it on again. I apparently got a little tight with my stitches when attaching it and it's not laying flat / dangling on the fabric. Don't know why I attached it so tightly, oh well. Once the double-flips are finished, I'll start working another Lizzie Kate Flip-It series, also a UFO not touched since a year ago.

Sorry no pictures today. I'll post WIP pictures soon, plus have some quilting pictures I need to take and share. More on quilting, with pictures, later.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Final stitching projects from 2009

First a photo from Christmas. I took my camera with me to Daddy's for Christmas, but never did take pictures of the snow. I did take a couple of pictures of Daddy. Here is Daddy, relaxing in "his" chair (the recliner), with his dog "Buttermilk" in his lap.

Now on to stitching. I look back over my list of completed stitching projects for 2009 and can only say one thing regarding the number of projects finished for 2009 .... "pitiful". I was doing okay the first part of the year, but the second part of the year, I had a long spell of not hardly stitching. Oh well, I plan to stitch much, much more in 2010. Here are the last four stitching projects for 2009. These are 4 ornaments stitched for members of the Ho Ho Ho Ornament exchange. I was the total slacker of the group, rushing to finish ornaments in December and get them mailed before Christmas. They have been received so I can post photos. These are the last 4 finished stitching projects for 2009:

Karen's ornament:

Shelleen's ornament:

Michele's ornament:

Nicole's ornament:

There is one more ornament to get finished and mailed, the one for Ruth. Ruth's ornament will be my first "finish" for 2010 and hopefully will be in the mail by the end of this coming week.

Hope everyone has a great week.

Posting my list of finished projects from 2009. Posting here to have it documented before clearing it to start the new list for 2010.
1. LK 2007 FEB FlipIt - Jan.1
2. LK 2007 MAR FlipIt - Jan.2
3. Reindeer ornament - Jan.12
4. With My Needle - Quaker Pattern Book, Chart A - Jan.23
5. With My Needle - Quaker Pattern Book, Chart I - Feb.8
6. SGD Small Christmas bell in snowman tin - Feb.21
7. SGD Embroidery-Topped basket - Feb.21
8. Stitched surprise for my buddies - Mar.24
9. Flamingo nametag for me - Mar.26
10. F&S round 12 squares - Apr.20
11. BBD Petites Lettres Rouges - Apr.30
12. LHN Schoolgirl Lessons - May 11
13. Karen's HoHoHo exchange ornie - May 28
14. SGD Needle Roll - Jun 2
15. Quaker Flag freebie - Aug.10
16. Sarah needlepoint diamond ornament - Sep.3
17. Victoria Sampler 'Trust" freebie ornie - Sep.24
18. Shelleen's HoHoHo exchange ornie - Dec.16
19. Michele's HoHoHo exchange ornie - Dec.17
20. Karen's HoHoHo exchange ornie - Dec.20
21. Nicole's HoHoHo exchange ornie - Dec.21

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Welcome to the year 2010. Let's enjoy some fireworks....

I hope 2010 brings happiness and health to all.