Sunday, October 28, 2007

Relaxing weekend almost over....

Is it just me or does the "recovery period" from the PALS Fling at Myrtle Beach get a little longer each year. Or maybe we're just getting a little old for staying up till 3 in the morning. Why am I speculating this? It took me most of this past week to get over feeling tired.

This weekend has been a relaxing weekend. After getting home Friday after work, I goofed off on the computer for a while, then started stitching around 11pm. I stitched a while and didn't go to bed till after 2am, so....

I slept in Saturday morning. Read for a bit, then ran out to the LNS to pick up some threads that had come in. Attended a concert Saturday night and had a late night supper with my sweetie after the concert.

Sunday, went to get groceries and settled in for a relaxing afternoon. Got caught up on some emails and watched bits and pieces of football games (I'm in 2 Fantasy Football leagues currently). I started stitching Sunday afternoon and stitched until I stopped for supper, which I've just finished. I'm going to stitch another couple of hours before heading to bed.

What am I stitching? I'm working on Mirabilia Christmas Elf Fairy. I picked it up in Myrtle Beach and, even though I have several projects I should be stitching on, I started working on it last Sunday evening. I don't have my digital camera handy. I'll take a picture and post my progress tomorrow night.

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