Thursday, January 10, 2008

First finishes for 2008

Work has been crazy busy since returning to work on January 2. I was off from work between Christmas and New Years and stitched quite a bit during that time. And I've been able to squeeze in some stitching here and there since going back to work last week.

I have some crazy stitching goals this year. My main goal is to see if I can complete 50 projects this year. I have multiple "monthly" designs planned, along with Bride's Tree ornaments and Christmas ornaments each month.

Plus I started Teresa Wentzler "Noah's Ark" on January 1, joining several ladies in a Teresa Wentzler Stitch-A-Long. I worked on Noah's Ark on January 1, got most of the alphabet in the middle done. Haven't taken a picture yet. I will soon and will post an "in progress" picture.

This past Monday, January 7, I completed 2 projects, my first finishes for 2008:

First up - January FlipIt (from the 2007 Lizzie Kate FlipIts):

I had stitched about 1/2 of it last year and it got put aside and became a UFO. This series is on my list of 2008 stitching goals, so pulled it from the UFO pile this past weekend and finished "January". One down, eleven to go.

Next - Shepherd's Bush "Christmas Is Love". I started it on Dec.28. Also finished it this past Monday night (Jan.7).

I also need to finish up Mirabilia Christmas Elf Fairy. I put her aside end of December when I needed to finish my Fair and Square piece. I'll post an update on Christmas Elf Fairy soon also.


Vonna said...

Both of your finishes look great :)
I wish you good luck on all your goals!

Teresa said...

Beautiful stitching! I also wish you good luck on your 50 stitching projects. I love what you have done so far. I really like the Lizzie Kate patterns. I look forward to your next post.

Mel in Dubai said...

Really lovely stitching, Chris. I especially like the Christmas one.

Good luck with your 50 projects goal - you've made a great start already!

Ruth said...

Jeez, Chris. Whatcha trying to do? Show everyone up with all your finishing??????

looks great!

Anonymous said...

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Michele said...

love your finishes! any of them from MB? lol

Dani said...

Your finishes look good ... can't wait to see all your projects this year!