Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Happy Wednesday everyone....

Is it the weekend yet? Sorry for my lag in posting. Work has been so busy the last couple of weeks. I don't have any finishes for February yet, but I have been stitching a little here and there (not as much as I would have liked). I have been working on a couple of RR pieces. And for a few days last week, I rotated back to Mirabilia Christmas Elf Fairy a little (she had been rotated out for a few weeks while I was working on other projects). For Christmas Elf Fairy, all that's left is to finish the Whisper thread stitches, attach the beads, and the backstitching. I started working on the whisper thread, which I saved for last for the x-stitching, end of last week, have about 1/2 of it done. I hope to work on her more this coming weekend, might even get her done ... woohoo!!! I also need to get started on my Fair&Square piece. I have the pattern selected, just need to lay the threads across some fabric colors to choose the fabric I'll use.

Pictures coming soon, I promise.

What I have been doing during the last couple of weeks is buying new stash. Like I need more stash????

From Down Sunshine Lane, I bought:
- Mirabilia: Thanksgiving Harvest Fairy kit
- Mirabilia: Easter Fairy kit
- Dragon Dreams: There's Magic In My Needle (so cute)
- Valerie Pfeiffer: Christmas Chick
- Valerie Pfeiffer: Chorus Line
I think something else I'm not remembering at the moment.

Then, got in the mood to look for some Breast Cancer Awareness patterns or kits, and found and bought the following exclusive kits from Elegant Stitch:
- Blue Ribbon Designs: With All Your Heart
- Little House Needlework: Where There is Life There is Hope

Incase you are interesting in purchasing these or other Elegant Stitch projects where all proceeds are donated to breast cancer organizations, please visit Elegant Stitch Pink Charity page.

And finally, I was browsing the other day at The Silver Needle, and ordered this Silver Needle exclusive Just Nan project:

I had never seen this until last week, and have to have it before they were all gone. I ordered some other Patriotic items from The Silver Needle's Patriotic section also.

I guess if you can't find time to stitch, we can always shop!!!


Amy said...

Hi Chris,
Can't wait to see your Christmas Elf Fairy finished! You'll bring her to the stitch-in in March, right? And you can whip a couple other's out in the meantime too!!! ;-)

One of the classes in Myrtle Beach this year is going to be the finishing on an Euti (Pyramid!). Info will be posted hopefully by the end of Feb. Hope you'll join us now that you have the lovely Just Nan kit to stitch & finish! ;-)

Hugs & happy stitching!

Chris said...

Amy --
Yes, I'll bring Christmas Elf Fairy to the stitch-in. And great news on the class for October, I'll definitely plan to take that class.

Michele said...

woo hoo new stash!!! it's almost as good as stitching *grin*

we need a west coast retreat!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.