Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How old is your brain?

Yes, yes, ok, first a quick update on recent trips. And, yes, I know, I owe you stitching updates and pictures.

I have been back to the NC mountains the last 2 weekends. Weekend before last, I was in Asheville, NC for my LNS' Mountain Retreat. This is the "Christmas in July" stitching retreat, even though the trip was in August. This past weekend, the Dixieland band had a gig in Valle Crucis, NC. Valle Crucis is a small NC mountain town, very pretty area of the mountains, not too far from Boone, NC.

I have 2 of the projects from the mountain retreat done, and have some other WIP's I keep bouncing between. Tonight I will upload pictures from the camera and will post some stitching pics.

Now. How old is your brain. I thought this was fun and figured I would share.

1) Click the link below:


2) Most of the website is in Japanese, ignore that. Click "START".

3) Wait for the 3, 2, 1 countdown. At the end of the countdown, various numbers will flash in the box.

4) Try to memorize the positions of the numbers and, when the circles appear, click on the circles in order of the numbers, going from lowest number to largest number.

At the end, the age of your brain will be displayed.

First time I played, my brain was 38.
Second time I played, my brain was 32.

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