Sunday, November 9, 2008

Why I love Autumn

There are a many reasons why I love Autumn.... Watching football, crisp sunny days and nights starting to get a little chilly, apples, sweet potatoes, pumpkins. But one of the best things in Autumn, the colors of fall foliage. The colors of fall are georgeous now. It's a little past peak color, but still beautiful. I took my camera to work Friday and took a few photos from the windows of where I work. And after breakfast this morning, I drove around a bit, taking a few more photos.

I hope you enjoy these photos.

I had to take a picture of this one tree in the parking lot at work:

This is a field next to my building:

The rest were taken while I was driving around this morning:

I haven't forgotten that I still own you Myrtle Beach photos. I'll try to get those posted in the next few days.


Ruth said...

Oooo pretty! :)

Hey, Chris, ya'll have treeees. :)

karen said...

wow that is sooooo pretty. we don't see that here in the valley, just cactus. LOL

Michele said...

lovely pictures! I do love autumn and all the colors :)

Carol R said...

Beautiful pictures - thanks for sharing

Cathy C said...

What gorgeous photos Chris! I wish we had as much color as you all do. WE get a lot of the orange and yellow, but not the dark reds and purples very much. Not nearly as many maple trees out here, t hough we have some purple ash, which are very pretty in the fall. Loved looking at your blog...lots of great stitching things too. I'm adding you to my favorites!!
Heard you had a birthday recently too, so a Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! Hope you got some great stash or electronics!!! OR perfume or gift certificates, and lots of cake!