Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ker-plunk....ker-plunk, ker-plunk....ker-plunk

Ah, the quiet hummmm of a new, working, refrigerator/freezer and the repeating sound of "ker-plunk" of newly created ice cubes falling into the ice bin inside the ice maker.

The delivery men arrived in the window of time I was told this morning. I had forgotten about the door to the garage being not as wide as the front door, so they had to take-away the dead refrigerator and bring in the new one through the front door. AND, since the front door doesn't open far enough to allow room to maneuver a refrigerator past the front stairs, had to take the front door off of the hinges.

Gotta love free delivery/installation/take-away. Thank you Lowe's home improvement store.


RuthB said...

Woo hoo -- Congrats, Chris! Love the new frige... and the ice cube maker.

Oh... and all the trip pics too :)

Maren said...

LOL, yay on your new fridge. We, here in the house that Hell built, are quite, quite envious.