Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A little blog-housekeeping has been completed

I've finally gotten around to doing some 2009 blog housekeeping.

How much time has to pass before the classification of a stitching project goes from WIP to UFO? I think this is something that can be unique for each stitcher. I, like my friend Ruth, consider myself a mood stitcher. When I'm working on projects that are for me, I may work on one project until it's complete, but if it is a larger project, or a project that has many sections or patterns (like the Lizzie Kate FlipIts or DoubleFlips), I may jump from project to project. I may spend a few weeks on one project before switching to another. So for me, if I'm mood stitching between multiple projects and have worked on it with 2 to 3 months, I still consider it a WIP. Unfortunately, looking at my WIP list, a few there had not been touched in at least 4 or 5 months or more, so it was time to face the reality and create a UFO list. All except Nancy's Needle "Friendship Star" were started in 2008 (Friendship Star was started in 2007). I do want to get these done so hopefully, between now and the end of 2009, they all will once again become WIPs and then completed.

I also updated my WIP list, Commitments list, and converted my 2008 stitching goals to my 2009 stitching goals. The 2009 stitching goals look very similar to the 2008 goals, with only a few items removed and a few new items added.


Sharon said...

I think you missed one UFO - something with a sunflower. LOL Just kidding!

Good luck with your goals. You'll stitch more than me this year - again. That's ok though.

Polly said...

Good luck with all your projects.