Friday, May 9, 2008

Do you like PINK?

If yes, take a look at these:

It includes hand-dyed, silks, satin, ribbon, & wool there, a total of 50 different fibers.

The Stitch Pink blogsite is hosting the contest. All you have to do is visit Stitch Pink and add a comment to the contest post. Deadline is May 15. There will be 5 winners, each winner getting 10 fibers.

If you have never visited Stitch Pink, please do. It's a nice site that tries to bring awareness of the importance of breast screening, and early detection of breast cancer.


Amy said...

Oh hold me back.... ;-) Just kidding!

I'm sure someone who LOVES pink will win & I'll be very happy for them.

It's a wonderful thing with all the "pink awareness", but I just wish it were a different color! ;-)

Shelleen said...

those are pretty colors

Ruth said...

Oooo pink :) Maybe I'll sign up for Amy. lol