Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Friday

I have no new finishes. Since finishing Christmas Elf Fairy, I have stitched very little. I've stitched a little more on LK GIVE DoubleFlip, and have stitched a little more on the large project from my recent Myrtle Beach retreat.

Tonight I will stitch my signature on Christmas Elf Fairy and give her a good pressing, for tomorrow morning she gets dropped off at LNS for framing. I also will leave for framing Shepherd's Bush "Christmas Is Love" that I stitched back in December.

While eating a late lunch at my desk (at work) an hour of so ago, I was surfing around the web. Browsing through the various websites, I realized something, and with this realization, have concluded that I have LOST MY MIND. Since finishing Christmas Elf Fairy (my first Mirabilia), I find myself wanting to stitch other Mirabilia's. I have already purchased 3 additional limited addition "Fairy" kits and have the "Christmas Tree 2007" kit. These are relatively small in size (compared to most other Mirabilia designs - like the "mermaids"). And, what, do you ask, what do I want to stitch? All of a sudden, I want to tackle a LARGE Mirabilia project. And which Mirabilia project have I decided upon? One that I purchased several years ago .....

The Lady of the Flag
- Design Size: 340 x 170 stitches (21 1/4" x 10 3/4" on 32 ct)
- 8 packages of beads

I have other large projects that I'd like to work on. I have 1 large project that is currently a UFO (that I want to get back to working on sometime soon). Why oh why do I suddenly want to start a really large Mirabilia project? As I mentioned earlier, I think I've lost my mind. For those that know me, you'll proabably agree.

I'm actually going to pull the pattern out tonight, pull the DMC colors needed so I can decide what kind of fabric to use.

Hugs to all. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I have a concert later tonight and a dixieland gig tomorrow afternoon. In between playing music, I'll hopefully get a little stitching done this weekend.


Ruth said...

Woo hooo here's to complete insanity!!!! lol She'll be absolutely stunning on my wall. lol Oh, ok, she'll look great at your place too. :)

tkdchick said...

I find sometimes after I work hard to get a piece finished I have a wee bit of a slump before I take off running again. I've stitched a big mira and a small mira... they're the same!

karen said...

yes, you are insane! LOL no way would i tackle that one, too big for me. then again, i am stitching Cirque de Triangles which has, get this, 18,000 stitches in it. Can you believe she put that on the chart. OY! have a wonderful weekend!

Michele said...

omg you are certifiable .. still loveable but crazy!