Thursday, April 3, 2008

I have pictures to share...

First, here is the small project from Susan Greening Davis from my Stitching Retreat in Myrtle Beach March 14-15:

The zipper bag is a small mesh bag, covered in fabric. The class project has all specialty stitches except for the backstitched words. The words didn't come out too clearly in the photo... the words are "A threads tail is never long enough". I added some buttons and attached it to the zipper bag. It turned out so cute.

Next is Bent Creek February Snapper:

I'm stitching them in 4 rows of 3. I stitched February first since it was center of the top row. I still need to attach the snaps.

Then I switched gears to Lizzie Kate. In the last week, I've stitched LOVE and REMEMBER from the 2008 Lizzie Kate DoubleFlips. Here they are:

I've started GIVE below those two. But then I decided to rotate back to Mirabilia Christmas Elf Fairy. I haven't shared a picture of her in a while. I have a discount coupon from my LNS that expires the end of April and want to use the discount on getting this and a couple of other pieces framed. Last night I finished the whisper thread stitching (yipee!!!). Only thing left is the beading and the backstitching. Here's what she looks like tonight:

My goal is to have her finished by this coming Sunday.

What's going on other than stitching? Work has been busy, busy, busy. The dixieland band has a gig coming up on April 19. I'll be making my "singing with a band" debut that day. I've sang with various chorus groups from grade school through college, but until now, have never sang with a band. I'm the banjo player with the dixieland group, but recently started singing a few vocals. I'm having so much fun performing with this group.

North Carolina weather has been all over the place lately. This week has been the roller coaster the weatherman predicted this past weekend, nice one day, chilly and rainy the next. It's been rainy today. Tomorrow (Friday) is supposed to be beautiful and around 78 degrees. The great news is that this area of NC has gotten several batches of rain during the last month or so. We're not out of the drought yet and water restrictions have not been relaxed, but the local water source (lake) has risen quite a bit over the last month or so. Yipee!!!

I hope everyone has had a great week this week. And hope everyone has a wonderful weekend planned.


Mel said...

Hi Chris,
Love your finishes! The MB Retreat piece is pretty cool! Hope you're doing well! Where's your gig in April?

Vonna said...

Everything just looks lovely! Good luck on that fairy!

Michele said...

Love that little coin purse! what a cute idea :)

and Christmas Fairy is looking grand!!! love the L*K's too .. I started Remember last week, but I'm off, so a ripping I will go this weekend lol

Dani said...

Great work ... I love your fairy! I can't wait to see it all finished.

Ruth said...

Sheesh. Speed stitchers are soooo annoying. lol Congrats on all the accomplishments..... and on the rain!!! Yea!!!!!!!!!!!